Gandhi Sahitya Bhandar

The main Objective of this unit is to propagat Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts to every nook and corner. The publication department publishes and sells literature to enlighten Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba. The literature published by different publications on the subjects alike are also available for sale by the Bhandar. These books inspire many social activists and common people so far. Bookstalls, Libraries of schools, collages, trusts and individuals are benefited by these valuable literature.

Boys Hostel

MGSN run a boys hostel named as Mahatma Gandhi hostel for poor and needy students. MGSN provides them accommodation at reasonable charges.


Library & Study Room

MGSN is having its own library which named as Mahatma Gandhi library.There are about 2000 books and 4 daily News papers available in this library. In the year 2017,MGSN started study room for students.