General Activities

Gandhi Sahitya Bhandaar

Gandhi Sahitya Bhandar

The main Objective of this unit is to propagat Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts to every nook and corner. The publication department publishes and sells literature to enlighten Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba. The literature published by different publications on the subjects alike are also available for sale by the Bhandar. These books inspire many social activists and common people so far. Bookstalls, Libraries of schools, collages, trusts and individuals are benefited by these valuable literature.

Mini Thetre


Mini theater is equipped with LCD & Projector (Mini theatre System), where movies on Mahatma Gandhi are screened. MGS Nidhi has collection of CDs & DVDs on the life of Nahatma Gandhi. The movies are made available for any individual or groups to watch. The main purpose of this project is to highlight the life of Mahatma Gandhi and to spread his ideology. The films related to other social issues with parallel solutions are also available. Efforts are being made to popularize these films to every section of the society.

Graam Safai

Ecosanitation (Gramsafai)

Mahatma Gandhi’s misson of Gramsafai programme Eco-Sanitation project is being implemented which was earlier known as ‘Bhangi Mukti Yojana’. MGS Nidhi constructs biogas plants, toilets in rural areas with the cooperation of Zillah Parishads in many districts of Maharashtra. MGS Nidhi is a pioneer organization in building biogas Plants, constructing and developing toilet pots. It has constructed more than 1 lakh toilets, around twenty thousand biogas plants and smokeless chulhas in different villages of the state. Training is provided to construct biogas plants and toilets. Emphasis is given on self-employment. Awareness on hygiene & sanitation are being organized from time to time. MGS Nidhi had constructed 394 biogas plants in various villages of Pune districts in last three years.
MGS Nidhi started a ‘Sulabh Shauchalaya unit’ with 20 toilets for gents and ladies on the useless land owned by the organization at Dehoo, for hygiene and cleanliness of the locality especially during the festival seasons. Technical training for the construction of different types of bio-gas plants is given to activists and co-workers.

Industrial Estate

Industrial Estate

Some land is reserved for small scale industries on campus of MGS Nidhi to encourage entrepreneurs, self employment, self sufficiency and Swadeshi. Entrepreneurs are running their own industries on this land. Entrepreneurs have to pay service charges, which contributes to the funds of MGS Nidhi.


Shanti Dal (Communal Harmony and Disaster Mngt)

After the riots of ‘Noakhali’ Mahatma Ghandhi felt that to tackle riots we must have a reserve cum prevention action force. MGS Nidhi took this responsibility to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Ghandhi. MGS Nidhi started ‘Shanti Dal’ (Civilian peace force). The members of Shanti dal are trained under Government civil defense force (Nagrik Sanrakshan Dal) and wherein after they work with the force to propagate the ideas of non-violence, harmony and brotherhood in the society. Shanti Dal is bound to act in the circumstances of riots, natural calamities, etc. ‘Shanti Dal’ aims to prevent any type of violence in the society.
MGS Nidhi is conducting a project through Shanti Dal to make society more peaceful and sustainable. Here we will try to build culture of nonviolence and motivate more and more youth to become peace makers in society.
The youth who belive in Gandhian ideology and who are associated with MGS Nidhi are involved in activities of Shanti Dal. Shanti Dal aims at peaceful and nonviolent society of people around the world.

Gandhi library


The libraries which are managed and run by MGS Nidhi are at Pune, Alandi and Nagpur. These libraries have class ‘A’ certification by the Government of Maharashtra. Libraries are always updated with all types of Books on various subjects. The library at MGS Nidhi, Kothrud, Pune valuable reading material for researchers, students appearing for UPSC/MPSC exams, and other readers too.
MGS Nidhi always encourages innovative projects relevant to it’s objectives and Gandhian ideology. Various projects are situated at the premises of Gandhi Bhavan. These projects are operating independently with the co-operation of MGS Nidhi.

Learning Home

Learning Home (Shikte Ghar)

Mahatma Gandhi has expressed his thoughts on education i.e ‘Nayi Talim’. The ‘Gram Mangal’ trust, is running a school called ‘Learning Home’ (Shikte Ghar) based on Gandhian philosophy and ideology. Emphasis is given on education with balance between both physical and Intellectual training. The school is run by director Mrs. Aditi Natu.

Children Welfare

Children Welfare (Balwadi / Palnaghar)

A crèche called ‘Ajol’ and a play school ‘smrat Kids’ are situated in the land of Gandhi Bhavan. It is run by director Mrs. Sheela Inamdar.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

A project ‘Shradha Foods’ run by director Mrs. Vandana Wadekar. Homemade food products are prepared and distributed for sell at various places. This gives opportunity for employment to the needy women. Pure organic, natural and hygienic food is prepared in this project

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