Shanti Dal (Communal Harmony and Disaster Mngt)

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After the riots of ‘Noakhali’ Mahatma Ghandhi felt that to tackle riots we must have a reserve cum prevention action force. MGS Nidhi took this responsibility to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Ghandhi. MGS Nidhi started ‘Shanti Dal’ (Civilian peace force). The members of Shanti dal are trained under Government civil defense force (Nagrik Sanrakshan Dal) and wherein after they work with the force to propagate the ideas of non-violence, harmony and brotherhood in the society. Shanti Dal is bound to act in the circumstances of riots, natural calamities, etc. ‘Shanti Dal’ aims to prevent any type of violence in the society.

MGS Nidhi is conducting a project through Shanti Dal to make society more peaceful and sustainable. Here we will try to build culture of nonviolence and motivate more and more youth to become peace makers in society.

The youth who belive in Gandhian ideology and who are associated with MGS Nidhi are involved in activities of Shanti Dal. Shanti Dal aims at peaceful and nonviolent society of people around the world.



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