Creating a fearless, conscientious and non-violent society believing in  universal human values.


Awareness among the Indian people to adopt Gandhiji’s path of non-violence, peace and harmony in society for nation building and creating modern  India.

Aims & Objectives of MGSN

The Institution works on the basis of the following constructive programmes of nation building, laid down by Mahatma Gandhi:-

  •  Promoting National integration.
  •  Working for International peace.
  • Upholding communal and social harmony in society.
  • Eradicating untouchability and caste system in India.
  • Providing gainful employment to the youth.
  • Encouraging cleanliness and public health.
  • Insisting on the prohibition of alcohol and narcotics.
  • Promoting Khadi, handicrafts and village industries.
  • Propagating ‘Nai Talim’ i.e. a new life-education by blending the physical work with education.
  • Working for welfare of Children.
  • Bringing about social and economic equality and equal opportunities to the downtrodden sections of our society.
  • Promoting Naturopathy.
  • Creating the Museum for exhibition of photographs, portraits, paintings, records, films books, articles which are connected with Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Protecting various historical places, monuments and institutes, associated with  Ganhiji’s work.
  • Encouraging educational programs and research project on Gandhian Studies.
MGSN’s other Activities to promote Gandhian thoughts
  • Publication and sale of literature by and on Gandhiji and Vinobha Bhave through ‘Gandhi Sahitya Bhandar’.
  • MGSN is having a well-equipped auditorium with the capacity of 300 seats. Besides, it also has an exclusive screening hall, where various documentaries and films related to Gandhian thinking and spreading message of peace are shown.
  • Various awareness programmes are organized for the youth to  apprise them on Gandhian philosophy.
  • A study room and a library with the collection of more than 40,000 books on various topics are made available to citizens and students to upgrade their knowledge.
  • Various projects like Gramodyog, Learning Home (education), Pre-School Nursery, Crèche & Women Empowerment and sport activities are organised jointly with other Institutions.
  • Eco-Sanitation: We have developed, designed and constructed more then two lakh toilets and bio-gas plants and Smokeless chulhas  in rural areas of Maharashtra. We have a processing unit for conversion of garbage into organic manure.
  • MGSN’s Industrial Estate has been officially recognised as the small-scale industrial estate having 25 industries.