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Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (MGSN) is situated at Survey No. 36, Gandhi Bhavan, Kothrud, Pune – 411038.Institution is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi with a view to promote and cherish Gandhian ideology and his teachings.

President Dr. Kumar Saptarshi

Institution was founded to cherish the values set by Mahatma Gandhi and keep the Gandhi’s thoughts and teachings alive .On 30th January 1948 Gandhi was assassinated by a fanatic. The ideology behind killing of  Mahatma Gandhi was the hate propaganda in the name of the religion. India is facing the same problem till today. The incident of violence and killing of innocent are taking various places nationwide. Gandhi has sacrificed his life for communal harmony.

Aims  of MGSN is to  cherish thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and keep him alive  in spirit. In continent with the aims and objects MGSN has published several books in Marathi language about Gandhijis life. We are providing good library service. MGSN has given emphasis on undertakings 15 programmers   of nation building which were enumerated by Gandhiji  thoughts. MGSN organized lectute, seminars, movies, on contemporary problems and relevance of Gandhian ideology.

I am happy to inform you that, through various activities we could motivate the youth in good numbers. Gandhi Bhavan is an open platform for the youth to discuss, to understand the socio political issues prevailing around. Many trained people are participating in the activities of the Trust,participating in satyagrah. We are sure that, the youth associated with these activities of Trust would be the leaders of the Future.

Secretary Shri. Anvar Rajan

Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology is relevant today, not only in India but in entire world. United Nations (UNO) has declared 2nd October that is Gandhi’s birth anniversary as ‘Non Violence day’ which is observed globally.

This year is the 150th birth anniversary year of Mahatma Gandhi as well as of Kasturba Gandhi too. We have plan to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Ba and Bapu.

We are going to publish small books on Gandhi and his ideology. We are organizing Lectures, Seminars, Film Show, Photo Exhibition, We have planned to propagate Gandhi’s thought on Communal Harmony, Non Violence and National Integration.

We have decided to implement all these activities in Nagpur and Aurangabad branches, other centers in rural area and we are inviting sister organization and request them to run similar activities. We are supporting them for those activities.

Gandhi Saptah, that is ‘Gandhi Week’ which we observe every year in October first week which is having birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. We are planning to offer scholarship to research scholar, interested in Gandhi Study. We are having facility of Library and accommodation for them. We are having documentaries on Gandhi, Freedom Struggle, and on Social, Political issues and having facility to screen it. Scholars as well as any citizen or visitor can enjoy screening of documentaries.

We invite you to visit Gandhi Bhavan and have inspiration by remembering Father of Nation.

Future Plans

We have a proposal for a New Building, which will host the following facilities.

  • Museum : Museum consisting of a comprehensive picture gallery so as to generate enough curiosity and enthusiasm about Mahatma Gandhi especially  among  new generation . It will have display of Gandhiji’s portraits, paintings, documents, photographs and message of his life.
  • E-Library : An extended unit of our  library will be connected online with the worldwide libraries.
  • Community Radio Station to be named as ‘Bapu Vani’ will be launched to promote Gandhian ideology of love, peace and non-violence.
  • Research Centre will be opened to study and research on Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology, life and his mission.
  • Construction of 1stfloor has been already begun on 6th April 2019.